How do you improve Domestic Vacuum Cleaner’s Performance?

You need to maintain a vacuum cleaner periodically if you want to use it for a long duration. These vacuum cleaners are not designed in a way that it lasts for long time. There are several reliable vacuum cleaners out there, while you may also encounter cleaners that fail to work due to poor maintenance.

If you notice an abrupt decline in the vacuum cleaner’s performance, then you need to check the problem and start maintaining the machine properly. Here are some useful tips that can help you in maintaining the vacuum cleaner.

Examine the Vacuum Filter

Usually, the modern vacuum cleaners come with post-motor and premotor filter. You need to check both the filters and find whether they need to replaced or cleaned properly. If you see any dust or dirt accumulated, make sure that you wash filters in soapy water. You can also use a soft-bristled brush in order to remove the debris accumulated. If you see that the machine is equipped with disposable filters, then it should get replacement filters.

Inspect the Machine Motor

If the vacuum cleaner comes with an airflow system that is connected straight to the motor, you need to check the motor consistently. Since you see that air is passed through motor, there is a possibility of motor area getting damaged. If a large object such as coin is picked in the motor, the fan in the motor can get damaged very easily.

To avoid picking larger objects, you need to clean the motor frequently and get the accumulated debris away.

Replacing Dirt Bag

Most of the modern vacuums come manufactured with ‘bag full indicator’. It tells you when to remove the dirt collected inside the dirt bag. You need to dispose the older bag and start installing a new one. However, most of the indicators are not that reliable. Additionally, it is recommendable to dispose the waste bag when you see that it gets filled 3/4th of its volume. Make sure that the bag doesn’t get completely filled.

Clean Dirt Brush and Attachments

Remove dirt brush from the cleaner. Make sure that you remove all the associated attachments. You can also try soaking them in a mixture of warm water and Lysol cleaner. This certainly disinfects the parts.

If you own an upright vacuum, make sure that you examine the rolling brush present under the machine. Eliminate the hair and dirt collected

Replace the Vacuum Belt and Vacuum Bearings

Replacing the vacuum bearings and vacuum belts depends on the usage of cleaner. If you are using it frequently, the bearings and belts get deteriorated faster. You need to find out the right replacement parts for your machine for durability.

Other Things to Consider

Make sure that you do not strain the vacuum cord. Use the right kind of narrow space attachments, so that you do not over work the machine cord. Whenever you use upright vacuum for cleaning the carpets, you just need to follow single forward motion. It certainly prevents the machine from moving to and fro. Brush roll should be lubricated properly. You can make use of appliance lubricant or machine lubricant for getting the job done.

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