Guide for Making Your Vacuum Cleaner Smell Good

Vacuum cleaners also help you to keep your home smell fresh and good by getting rid of dust and other dirt particles lodged on the carpet as well as on the floor. However, if you fail to maintain it properly, vacuum creates mess in your house by emitting foul smell. You can follow few simple steps and make your cleaner smell good.

Clean the Vacuum

This is the initial step you need to follow for cleaning your vacuum. Take a dampened cloth and wipe down the surface of the vacuum for removing the dust. You can also change the vacuum bag and replace it for every two to three months, whether it is full or not. If you use washable bag for your cleaner, then clean it meticulously. If you have vacuum along with disposable bag, then replace the bag. If you find that the vacuum bag is non-washable, then you need to replace that.

Change the Filter

Vacuum cleaner filters work to keep the dirt, and allergens out from the air.  It is necessary that you change the air filters regularly for every three to six months in order to keep the vacuum in an optimal shape. You can follow manufacturer instructions for replacing the air filters on a specific vacuum model.

Insert Perfume Pads

You have an option to insert the perfume pads in vacuum cleaners. You can select a scent that appeals to you more and place the pad as per the instructions over the filter present in the vacuum. Once the vacuum gets turned on, perfume pad delivers a gentle scent.

Add Cinnamon

Sprinkle little cinnamon into the vacuum cleaner bag or debris compartment. Cinnamon’s strong smell will counteract the particles’ smell and the vacuum picks a fresh scent. If you do not want to add cinnamon, try other fragrant smelling food items such as dried orange or coffee beans. It provides you a decent level of odor protection.

Add Baking Soda

You can also sprinkle one tablespoon of baking soda into the device’s debris compartment or the vacuum bag. Baking soda is considered as odor neutralizer here and it prevents the bad smells coming from the vacuum. You can also make it a habit to add one tablespoon of cinnamon or baking soda every time you change the vacuum bag for ultimate results.

You can follow all these simple methodologies in order to get rid of smells and you can use your vacuum cleaner for keeping your home fresh. You need to select the perfect perfume pads that suit your taste and enjoy the fresh smell in your home. Be smart enough and creative in using your favorite natural scents, and have peace of mind to keep your home fresh and clean.

For more good results, you can wash the vacuum’s debris compartment with water and soap. Clean it every two to three months to keep it smelling fresh. You need to make sure that all vacuum repair parts are in great condition.


Do not run the vacuum cleaner, if you notice any burning odor. Your cleaner belt might be wrecked and may need immediate replacement.

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