How Electric Rice Cooker Works?

Rice is a universally loved food; various cultures include it in their food, starting from tenderness of the basmati rice in Indian-style cooking to popular sushi rice of the Japanese cuisine. A rice cooker is a simple-to-use appliance, which cooks rice just at the tap of a switch. In this article on rice cooker reviews, you will get to know how it works.

Many design and models differ from one maker to the other; however, most of the top rice makers will share some common components. A detachable inner bowl, usually prepared from non stick enamel or metal, is placed in a bigger external pot that contains heating element.

After pouring the exact ratio of water and rice into rice cooker, the top is closed and thus heating element starts the process of cooling the rice. The closed interior guarantees that when the water vaporizes, it will stay within the vessel to cook rice. After reaching a particular internal temperature, a thermal sensor within the cooker will close down the heating element, letting the rice to be cooked, warm, and moist without drying it out or over heating the grains.

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